Paper Wallet

This web app generates a 'paper wallet' for Bitcoin Cash and SLP tokens. This type of wallet contains a single private key and public address. The public address is generated in two different formats: One for traditional BCH wallets, and one for token-aware wallets that use simpleledger address format.

This app generates a new wallet every time it loads. To create a new wallet, just refresh the page.

SLP Token Address


Cash Address


Private Key


How to use:

Print out this web page on your printer.

Bitcoin Cash can be stored on this paper wallet by sending it to the bitcoincash: address.

SLP tokens can be stored on this paper wallet by sending them to the simpleledger: address. Only store one one type of token per paper wallet. This reduces the chance of tokens being burned when retrieving them from the paper wallet. e.g. Store SPICE token on one wallet, and generate a new paper wallet to store your USDH.

The private key should be kept secret. Anyone who takes a picture of that QR code can take your money. Hide it. Keep it secret. This is how you get your money off the paper wallet.

You can retrieve your BCH or SLP tokens by 'Sweeping' the private key with There are no other wallets with the ability to sweep SLP tokens from the paper wallet.

The source code for this paper wallet generater is available on the PSF GitHub repository. We encourage people to run this code for themselves and audit the source code. This app is also uploaded to the Filecoin blockchain. You can interact with the latest version by going to